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Being in the video production industry for over 6 years has allowed me to gain all of the knowledge I need to help businesses excel through video and social media. I have worked with high-end brands, artists and celebrities providing content. With a deep understanding of camera equipment, lighting techniques, and composition, I bring technical proficiency to every project I undertake. My creative eye allows me to envision unique shots and angles, enabling me to deliver visually captivating content that leaves a lasting impact on viewers. Attention to detail is a hallmark of my work, ensuring that every frame is carefully composed, and every moment is captured with precision. Effective communication and collaboration are central to my approach, as I value the importance of understanding clients' visions and collaborating seamlessly with teams to bring them to life.

Having spent the last three years working as a video production manager for a startup video production and social media marketing company. I have had the opportunity to take charge of the whole production process from start to finish, delivering high-quality results to their now-recurring clients. 


My Strongest attributes: 

Quality & Efficiency

Professionalism & Punctuality

Technical Proficiency

Communication & Adaptability


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